Our Manufacturing Unit

Globe Tech Fortune Manufactures both simple and complex turned components for a wide variety of industries. To achieve this effectively we utilize the latest technologically advanced CNC lathes, capable of producing very high precision components. By always keeping up with the latest technology, Globe Tech Fortune remains at the forefront in offering speed, accuracy and extremely competitive pricing.

CNC Machining

Our custom CNC service is perfect for rapid production of parts in low and mid-volume. We are skilled in machining parts in metals, plastics, and various materials. Whether it is a prototype or final production, we guarantee fast, cost-effective, and robust services.

DOOSAN Lx220 | 300X400MM

VMC Milling

AMS MCVMCV‐350 X400 Y350 Z450
AMS MCV 300 X350 Y300 Z300
BFW SURYAX800 Y350 Z350
BFW4+1Axis X600 Y400 Z500
JYOTIPX10 X510 Y410 Z510
AMS MCV650 X1300 Y650 Z630
650 X1380 Y650 Z650
Shenoy3000 Y1250 Z1250

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo Crysta‐Apex S H700 L1000 W800
Power Back up500KVA DG set.

Boring and Drilling

Jig Boring

WMW Micromat - 9B X1200 Y700 Z650

Horizontal Boring Machine

Toss - W1000 H1250 L3000


Eifco. RPM 2700 

Max Cylindrical Grinding

Fortuna360 X 800MM (ID and OD)
360 X 02Meter OD

Length Surface Grinding

ThompsonX600 Y210 Z200
SNOW.X1000 Y365 Z 365
HMTX1500 Y300 Z 330
JUNGX600 Y200 Z 200

Conventional Milling

BFW Fn1X600 Y300 Z400
BFW Fn2 X700 Y300 Z250
HMTX1200 Y300 Z 200
HMTX 600 Y 300 Z 300

Conventional Turning

  • 120 Max 900 Length 02No's
  • 520 Max 1500 Length 02No's 
  • 800 Max 1000

Cold Forging Machine

Capacity400 Ton

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