Heat Treatment Facility

Globe Tech Fortune Industries provides heat treatment processes for ferrous metals, like die steels , Stainless Steels and also does case hardening, Normalizing, Annealing, Hardening and Tempering, Stress Relieving, Stabilizing of metals.

The Heat Treatment Unit was established in 2009. The unit has a total strength of Forty people that includes our management, technicians and administration and support staff.

Gas carburizing Furnace (pit type)

Globe tech is a provider of gas carburizing services to many different industries. In addition to Gas Carburizing services we provide include: case hardening, tempering steel, oil quenching, precipitation hardening and more.

Sealed quench furnace

The application range of the  sealed quench furnace is versatile and includes a variety of methods of heat treatment. The systems guarantee for reliable long-term operation.

Heat Treatment Facility

Sealed Quench Furnace - 4No’s.

Capacity 650Kgs/batch
Dimension 650W X 610 H X 1250L
Tempering Furnaces650Kgs/batch
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Alkali washing machine

Number of Machines01

Quench oil tanks


Number of Machines02

Pit type gas carburizing furnaces

Number of Machines03
Diameter680mm X 1700 mm
680mm X 1400 mm
680mm X 1000 mm

Pit type Tempering Furnaces

Number of Machines03
Diameter680mm X 1800 mm
680mm X 1000 mm

Heat Treatment Inspection Details.

Micro hardness tester

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Sample cutting machine

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Specimen mounting machine


Polishing machine

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  • Rockwell Hardness Testers: 3nos
  • Brinell Hardness Tester : 1no
  • Dynamic Portable Hardness Tester : 1no