Pit Type Gas Carburising Furnace (GCF)

Pit Type Gas Carburising Furnace (GCF) 


Pit type Furnace line is comprised of tempering furnaces, ovens & 100 Ton hydraulic straightening press ,  It is possible to use  for different applications such as carburizing and case hardening, normalizing, annealing, and stress relief annealing.

Commonly used components include gears and shafts, fasteners tooling, castings, forgings, components of agricultural machinery, parts for precision and construction machinery. The heating system is electrically heated. Batch sizes and capacities vary can be found to meet the production requirements of your company. It is monitored by DATA LOGGER systems.

Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces provide two benefits: Lower running costs and maintenance expenses and high rates of production& lengthy parts up to 1750mm length can be heat treated. 

If you are looking for a solution for all case hardening process in various industries such as aerospace, automotive machine building, bearing and commercial heat treating, Globetech Fortune comes your way in improving the quality and efficiency of heat treatment processes, reducing costs, being safe and eco-friendly at the same time.

GCF Applications

  • Annealing
  • Carburising
  • Case hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Carbon Restoration

GCF Images

Gas Carburising Furnance - 3No’s Facility

Capacity 650Kgs/batch
Diameter Type 1 680 mm X 1700 mm
Diameter Type 2680 mm X 1400 mm
Diamter Type 3680 mm X 1000 mm

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    Looking for a high-performance and energy-efficient industrial furnace? Consider the pit type furnace. With its unique design, this furnace is optimized for a range of high-temperature applications, from heat treatment to melting and forging. Thanks to its pit or depression in the ground, it allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment and materials, making it a popular choice for industrial operations. A pit type furnace also boasts uniform heat distribution and exceptional reliability, ensuring consistent results and minimizing downtime. Discover more about this powerful furnace and its many applications for your business.