Gas Carburising

Gas carburizing


Gas carburizing is a surface hardening process performed at a high temperature, usually above 925°C. Carburizing is essentially the addition of carbon to the surface of low carbon steels at suitable temperatures.

In gas carburizing process , the steel component is placed in a sealed chamber, which is then filled with a carbon-rich gas such as methane, propane or natural gas. The chamber is heated to a temperature between 850°C and 950°C, typically for several hours, to allow the carbon atoms to diffuse into the steel surface .

The carbon-rich atmosphere is maintained throughout the carburizing process to ensure that the surface of the steel part remains in contact with the gas. The composition of the gas, the temperature and the duration of the process are carefully controlled to achieve the desired carbon concentration and depth of the carburized layer.

After the carburizing process, the steel component is usually quenched in a suitable quenching medium, such as oil or water, to harden the carburized layer. The core of the steel remains soft and provides toughness and ductility, while the hardened shell provides wear resistance and improved fatigue properties.

Gas carburizing is generally used in the manufacturing of gears, bearings and other high-wear components that require a wear-resistant surface. It is also used in industries where tight control of process parameters is required to achieve consistent and repeatable results, such as aerospace and automotive industries.

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